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Logotype Design — Visual Identity— Branding — Retail Design — Print Design — Editorial Design — Packaging — Photography — Scenography — Motion Design — Sound Design — Audio Production — Vinyl Record Production

MattaMass feat. Jeabzz / Twisted LP
Vinyl record cover design for MattaMass feat Jeabzz Twisted LP Graphic Design + Photographs by Steve Romani MattaMass logo by Steve Romani Jeabzz logo by Eulst (p) + © Steve Romani (Modular Machine Records) https://modularmachinerecords.bandcamp.com/
MattaMass / Cityscape - 2xLP (MM_01LP)
To Mo' Wax with love. I thought about this record in 1995, recorded in 2007-2008 - released in 2012. 2x12" LP Vinyl record sleeve for MattaMass / Cityscape (MM_01LP). Marbled Translucent / Black Color Vinyl. CMYK print on 350g Inside Out Board. Type: Replica Light by Norm (Lineto).
MattaMass / Cityscape - Drum & Bass Remixes (MM_01RX)
MattaMass / Cityscape was recorded from 2007 to 2009 with a strong nostalgy of the mid nineties sound (95-2000) and was composed as Electro Hip Hop which is for me slowed down Drum & Bass. It was released on vinyl 10 years ago, in 2012, launching Modular Machine Records as a label. As a dedication to my former inspiration, I've decided to reload and rework all of my unreleased Drum & Bass tracks from 1998-2001 and turn them into Cityscape remixes. They share the same atmosphere, with dark, futurist and classic sounds. Before rework, slicing, sliding and recomposing, these tracks were direct analog masters on DAT Tape, so no multitrack, stems or other way to modify them, but the original pure 16 bit stereo masters as only source. Electrons from the 90s are brought back to life here with the original spirit of straight hardware composing (might sound dry or harsh, but this is how it was made before plug-ins invaded computers). Composed with S3000XL, Waldorf Pulse, MicroQ, 4Pole, Nord Lead 2 and Spectral Audio Protone mostly. Many tracks were lost or unusable due to data loss (DAT drops or damaged tapes). These ones survived. To your dreams and to the nineties, with love. (p) & © 2022 Steve Romani / Modular Machine Records All tracks written & produced by Steve Romani (MattaMass). Graphic Design by Steve Romani (Ded Blokkz). All rights reserved.
MattaMass / Phantom Train - LP (MM_02)
To Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Yakusho Koji, Robert Wise & my great grandfather who was a product train driver around Moundsville/Clarksburg West Virginia. 12" LP Vinyl record sleeve for MattaMass (MM_02). Black print on 300g Kraftpak board. Type: Replica Light by Norm (Lineto).
MattaMass / The Yellow Tapes 2xLP (MMR05)
2x12" LP Vinyl record sleeve for MattaMass (MMR05). Black + Pantone 7548C. The "Yellow Tapes" are the studio unofficial tapes, they are usually "not for production", they contain drafts, and hidden gems or lost tracks, here collected during 16 years and brought together as short stories with different moods. Yellow is the main color in NYC. To Travis Bickle & Aloysius Christopher Parker. To the Doppler Effect (Somewhere over the rainbow). To Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Jim Jarmush & John Lurie. To Charles Bukowski & Henry Chinaski. To the nineties, to when we were young Hip Hop makers in bedrooms, to struggle, to spray paint, to crate diggin, to self-esteem, to heavy beats late at night, to Be Bop, to upright bass, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Eddie Gomez, Charles Mingus, Ron Carter, to 12 & 16 bit, to bad floppy disks, to SCSI terminators, to valve compressors, to midnight fog, to Vinny, Dionna, Ruby & Ritchie Tringali, to John & Alice Coltrane, to James Lavelle, Ben Drury, Will Bankhead, Futura 2000, Mo' Wax, DJ SHadow & DJ Krush, to Lonnie Liston Smith, Roy Ayers, Pete Rock, Premier, Q Tip, Rawkus, Guru, Ghost Dog & Louie Bonacelli.
Steve Romani / Identity + Stationery Design
Personal Identity - Stationery Design / Index cards 210 x 100 mm. 350g board. Pantone 8502C / 810C - Acrylic Satin Varnish. - Steve Romani (Commercial Projects)
Various Logotypes & Monograms
Logotypes & monograms designed by Steve Romani
Ded Blokkz / Identity + Posters
dB_24 / Building Machines
This double EP follows the 4 dB_24 Urban Works EPs released on AC Records (a division of www.acidlab.de) and the 2 special limited white vinyl EPs released on Modular Machine Records (MMR03 / MMR04). This time with pure hard techno tracks inspired by Building Machines. dB_24 / Building Machines 2XLP feat. 8 Hard Techno tracks made with Roland TR-909 and recorded using hardware gear only for a classic Detroit Techno sound, legacy of my 90s youth and inspiration. Pantone 8520C + Black 5mm spine cover. Typeface Architype Stedelijk by graphic master Wim Crouwel.
 MattaMass feat. Jeabzz / Twisted Teaser 1
MattaMass feat. Jeabzz / Twisted Teaser 2
MattaMass feat. Jeabzz / Twisted Teaser 3
MattaMass feat. Jeabzz / Twisted - 10" Picture Disc
Black & White Picture Disc EP version of Twisted LP by MattaMass feat. Jeabzz Modular Machine Records https://modularmachinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/mattamass-feat-jeabzz-twisted
Greeting Card 2021 - Le Grand Chalon - 1
Design proposal for Le Grand Chalon - For Agency : Kojak Design Lyon Greeting Card / leaflet 2021 Custom 2021 type Pantone 8503C / 802C
Greeting Card 2021 - Le Grand Chalon - 2
Selected Design proposal for Le Grand Chalon Created For Agency : Kojak Design Lyon Greeting Card / leaflet 2021 Custom 2021 type Pantone 8002C / Yellow
Transistor Terminal World / Through The Wires
12" LP Vinyl record sleeve for Transistor Terminal World (MMR07).
Transistor Terminal World / The Threat Within
12" LP Vinyl record sleeve for Transistor Terminal World (MMR08).
Buildings & Love - Design Global / Self Brochure Design
Rémy Oliel, Valérie Dimirdjian, Isabelle Chameroy (Architects) and Steve Romani (Graphic Designer / Photographer / Sound Designer) join forces after over 20 years of work to create efficient branding, from concept to visual identity, from interior design to architecture, from retail design to user experience.
Buildings & Love / Kite Coworking - Shoot
Photo Shoot for Buildings & Love Architects / Grenoble
Musée Dauphinois / Des Samouraïs au Kawaii - Shoot / 1
Musée Dauphinois Exposition Japon Graphisme : Atelier JBL Graphisme / Photos © Steve Romani
Musée Dauphinois / Des Samouraïs au Kawaii - Shoot / 2
Graphisme : Atelier JBL Graphisme / Photos © Steve Romani
dB_24 / Urban Works
Record Sleeve Design for dB_24 - Detroit Electro / Techno project. Released with AC Records, a division of www.acidlab.de
dB_24 / Shiryō EP
Cover and label design for dB_24 dedicated to Japan and ghost stories.
Tilt-Shift Shoot For MattaMass / Cityscape 2xLP (Sepia)
Shoot around my neighborhood with a 24 mm TS-E lens, to create background images for my MattaMass / Cityscape 2xLP released on vinyl. I've used the tilt instead of the shift to create a ghostly effect, that matches the record cover concept and brings the image closer to the "random precision" you can find on 4x5" film (Polaroid 665 and 55 were my favorite) while keeping the perspective under control. The record, that is very tense, describes urban pressure and ambivalent artificial places made of concrete, steel and tar where we like to live or that we eventually don't even notice, as we are used to that grey environment, turning us to automated ghosts, or tiny faceless ants in the concrete jungle. The other part of the record explores the fact that we trust underground automated devices like the subway or lifts to carry our souls through this concrete monster. I still do like concrete and Le Corbusier, don't worry. Love & hate, let's say.
Be Positive
I'm a negative person (and a bit square too). Funny to invert color reversal film such as Provia 100F (intended to be positive) instead of using a negative film directly.
dB_24 / Urban Maze EP (MMR03)
12" LP Vinyl record design for dB_24 (MMR03). Pantone 8403C. White Vinyl. Type: Replica Light by Norm (Lineto)
dB_24 / Modular Machine EP (MMR04)
12" LP Vinyl record design for dB_24 (MMR04). Pantone 876C. White vinyl. Type: Replica Light by Norm (Lineto)
Land / Vinyl Record Sleeves & Postcards - CD Digipak
3 x 10" vinyl record series design. CD Digipak design, postcards for artist LAND
Checksum / Vinyl Record Sleeve Design
Record cover design for Checksum
Landscape / 6x6 Film
Medium Format Photography. Fuji Provia 100F / 400F / Pro400H
Urbanscape / 6x6 Film
DED BLOKKZ / Urbanscape_Landscape Book - Making Of
Modular Machine Records / Identity
Logotype design for Modular Machine Records
Luc Escharavil Industries / Brochure (Agency: ADD)
Design Works for Arte Diem Design / Lyon
Architectures Barillot / Book (Agency: ADD)
Barillot / Book created with Arte Diem Design / Lyon
Villa Meylan / Interior Design - Shoot
Photographs © Steve Romani
Buildings & Love / Villa Stalingrad - Shoot
Orosa / Visual Identity - Retail Design - Packaging
Orosa Shop Visual Identity, Logotype, Graphic Charter, Packaging, Retail Design. Architect: Jérôme Schmider Graphic Design: Steve Romani Outdoor Shop Photographs: Corentin Mossière Indoor & Retail photographs by Steve Romani Custom Furniture by David Manien / Lyon
Cinéma Comœdia / Identity (Agency: Terre de Sienne)
Rebranding & magazine design for the new Comœdia cinema in Lyon / France. Agency: Terre de Sienne / Vénissieux
Imaginove / NS Mag Visual Identity, Editorial Charter
Redefinition of the New Screens Magazine Graphic & Editorial Charter, new logotype, magazine layout, type code and print specs (Pantone metallic hue on cover + UV spot varnish).
MH3 Design Studio / Visual Identity
NATIVO - Bistro Latino — Lyon/France — Shoot
Shoot for the excellent and creative Nativo - Bistro Latino Lyon 69002 My favorite restaurant ever Try it now!!! Don't waste time https://nativo-restaurant.fr/fr
NATIVO - Bistro Latino — Lyon/France — Shoot
Domaine de la Meunerie / Branding
WIne brand design
BoHo Make-Up / Branding, Packaging, Retail Design
Branding / Boho Cosmetics, Logotype Design, Packaging Design, Stationery Design, Website Design, In Store Design, Merchandising, Retail Design Created with Architect Jérôme Schmider (MH3 Design Studio) 3D Packaging by Mini Design
Fauns / Visual Identity - Stationery Design - Flyers
Visual Identity, logotype re-design, color code, print settings. Illustrations by Fauns. Type: LL Brown Bold Color: Pantone 814C Yellow areas: UV Spot Varnish
Wilfrid Vidaillet / Identity + Stationery Design
Ecole Centrale de Lyon / (Agency: Terre de Sienne)
Brochures for Bibliothèque Michel Serres / Ecole Centrale de Lyon Agency: Terre de Sienne / Vénissieux
Région Rhône-Alpes / Print (Agency: Terre de Sienne)
Région Rhône-Alpes / DPT Agency: Terre de Sienne / Vénissieux
Eiffage / Real Estate Brochure (Agency: Adjectif/Lyon)
Real Estate Brochure Design
Lodge Park / Identity & Print (Agency: Adjectif/Lyon)
JLL / Map design with buildings
Map with isometric perspective created on illustrator for JLL (Agence : Wark / Lyon) - Historic city buildings in brown and garden elements hand drawn by Raphael Gauthey.
Ludec / Editorial Design + Logotype reshape
Brochure design & flyers for Ludec
Fontanel / Brochures (Agency: Adjectif/Lyon)
Cogedim / Brochures (Agency: Adjectif / Lyon)
Hardcore Office (35mm)
The Seventh Seal (35mm)
In Vino Cultura / Identity - Stationery - Brochure
In Vino Cultura / Visual identity
Abacus Factory / Brochure & Stationery Design
Abacus logotype by L. Stock
Buildings & Love / Librairie Les Modernes - Shoot
Librairie Les Modernes - Grenoble Interior Design by Buildings & Love
Buildings & Love / Optical Shop - Shoot
Comexans / Visual Identity
INO / Visual Identity + Stationery Design
Print / Grand Lyon
Le Progrès / Editorial Design - Proposal
Proposal. Editorial design for Special Edition Book / Le Progrès - Lyon
La jetée / Malta Road Trip
Things In Life
Analog & digital photography PAD
Fantom Kitchen / 6x6 Film
Ded Blokkz exhibition / 6x6 negative film (Pro 400H)
AABD / Greetings Card
Agency: Arte Diem Design / Lyon
Vinci - Campenon-Bernard / Greetings Card
Vaulx-en-Velin / Greetings Card
Ville de Vaulx-en-Velin. Agency: Terre de Sienne / Vénissieux
Unesco Trace Elements / Brochure Design
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